Our storage systems allow managing the clean energy in a easer and simpler way.

We have a wide variety of storage energy systems which allow to offer solutions for houses, industries, hospitals, commercial business and others.

Our solutions can be used as a backup in the case of electrical blackout, self-consumption and peak shaving with which we can reduce the cost of the current electrical bill.

  • Backup and UPS solutions
  • We offer solutions for various applications: critical systems, shops, security cameras, traffic lights, Ebais, Offices, telecommunications, Maximum demand control for TMT rates.
  • Solar + Storage Solutions:
  • Off-grid.
  • Hybrid systems.
  • Self-consumption.
  • Mini nets.
  • Self-consumption and backup.

We also offer:

  • Batteries for all applications: lithium, AGM, Gel, OPzV.
  • Inverters / chargers different brands.
  • Charge controllers.
  • Autotransformers.
Almacenamiento de energía Comercial & Industrial
Sistemas de almacenamiento para autoconsumo y/o respaldo
Sistemas de almacenamiento para autoconsumo y/o respaldo

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